Paris-Roubaix 2016 [FULL RACE]



April 10, 2016

Paris-Roubaix 2016 – Compiègne – Roubaix – 257,5 km

The 2016 Paris–Roubaix was a one-day classic cycling race that took place on 10 April 2016 in northern France.

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Published on April 10, 2016 by Tiz Category Tag
  • Trevor Henderson

    Can’t even watch more than 30 seconds without buffer. While the youtube version of Tour of Flanders streamed flawlessly. Please post them on youtube until your server can handle it.

    • WarwickBoy

      Same here.

    • Paul

      Or make it downloadable.

    • César García

      I used download them all in Firefox and the video is nearly 20GB!


      ditto. see my post above. 🙁

  • Morgan Brown

    My computer is saying “Error loading media” am I the only one?

  • sisyphus969

    I am sure he would have posted to YT, must be copyright police worries

    • Mihai Bordeanu

      youtube will delete this video, because of ASO copyright. Try to lower the settings

  • Mihai Bordeanu

    I’ve put a second hosting to the video. Hope it works better

    • Mihai Bordeanu

      and hit refresh if it don’t work

      • sisyphus969

        Mihai, how do you adjust the player’s settings? I only see volume and full screen.


    • Mihai Bordeanu

      Source 3 will be avaible in 4 hours. Since then, enjoy a crash

  • Mihai Bordeanu

    try source 2
    (It’s very tough and costly to maintain a server)


    i really appreciate you taking the time and effort to record and upload all these incredible races and events that we cant get here in the USA….but i cant steam more than 10sec before it studders and buffers…..any suggestions and/or victories with this from other viewers?

    • Mihai Bordeanu

      even source 2 it’s not working well ?

  • jkbrennan77

    Thanks! I downloaded it from the Russian site (source 2). Fantastic quality and no buffering, I love it!

    • WarwickBoy

      How do I download it? None of these four options play for me for more than 4 seconds before buffering. I am using Chrome.

  • Ed E W

    Worked great last night on source 2.
    Thanks for this.