Tour de France 2017 – Stage 03 [FULL STAGE]



July 03, 2017

Tour de France 2017 – Stage 3 – Verviers – Longwy : 212,5 km

The 2017 Tour de France will be the 104th edition of the Tour de France,

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Published on July 4, 2017 by Tiz Category Tag
  • Kaliumchlorid

    This video source on page 2 is faulty. The video plays perfectly over the whole duration, but starting at 1.39:25 the forward or rewinding does not work properly. It does rewind/forward but very very slow and stops even for seconds. This issue starts at 1.39.25. Up to this point of time it works as expected. Tested with mplayer and vlc. Maybe a lightning strike?

    • Thanks for the feedback, i will try to upload it again. Until then, try to download it quickly from here :

      • Kaliumchlorid

        Thanks for uploading a 2nd source, but this doesn`t help. The issue starts at 1.39:07 and ends at 1.41:10.

        On my computer the video is playable over the whole runtime. My TV can display the video to 1.31:16 without problems, starting at 1.41:10 the video jerks. On computer and TV the forward/rewind does not work properly. This starts at 1.31:xx.

        I would not fix this, it is not worth the time. Maybe in winter, if you like.

        P.S: In the meantime i got the Yorkshire 2016 video. You can delete the video if you like. Thanks for that.