Tour of Yorkshire 2016 – Stage 3 [LAST 70 KM]



May 01, 2016
Tour de Yorkshire 2016 – Stage 3 – Middlesbrough – Scarborough – 196 km

The 2016 Tour de Yorkshire is a cycling stage race that takes place in Yorkshire in April–May 2016.

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Published on May 1, 2016 by Tiz Category Tag
  • Kaliumchlorid

    Sorry for asking, but is this video available for download? The video shows up in firefox’s download helper ui but starting a download results in a error. Even youtube-dl can’t get it.

    • Sorry, don’t download option for this video. Why you want to download it ?

      • Kaliumchlorid

        Normally, I would not want the video. It is more like a a souvenir. My parents were there on vacation and can be seen in the video very clearly. Originally i bookmarked this video on youtube, but in the meantime the account is deleted. Ok, it is not important, if there is no download available, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to show up somewhere again.

        • Kaliumchlorid

          … and thanks for the effort it making all this possible. 🙂

  • Kaliumchlorid

    Ok, thanks for fixing this. I am a bit late, in the meantime the link to doesn`t work anymore, right? Thus i downloaded Yorkshire ’16 stage 1 from this page 2.

    All those videos on the various PAGE 2, what is the reason for that? I can`t see a difference to the videos on PAGE 3.